How was your weekend? The summer is going by fast and it is up to us to make it what we want. Are you enjoying yourself? If not, what can you do to make it better?

For the past little bit I have been busy getting my new site together. From copy writing, photo shoot, web designers, and more. I thought you’d enjoy seeing some behind the scenes footage of Sundays shoot. Lately, I’ve been talking about ‘starting imperfect’. Many women I know are getting ready to get ready. One year goes by and they realize they are in the exact same spot. They’re not anywhere closer to their goals because they were afraid to start imperfect. Maybe they were stopped by some sort of obstacle that caused them to push it back, to find the next time around they are still pushing it back simply because it just wasn’t or isn’t the right time.

I want to let you in on a secret. Leading up to the day the forcast was rain and lightening. Did that stop us? It could have but we went anyway trusting that everything would turn out perfect. Things were smoothly going along…well it was the fastest photo shoot there likely ever was… we heard thunder rolling in. We made the best of it and kept going which is what you want to do when things don’t quite seem like they are going your way.


This picture above reminds me that this is the way we handle the storms in our life. We embrace them (as I open my arms to the sky and thank God that we have the choice to choose how we weather those storms and allow Him to guide) after all we are not given what we can’t handle!

So, is there something that holds you back? Maybe you are waiting for a perfect moment? Maybe you need some strength as you weather a storm? I have been there, that photo shoot in the rain reminded me where I have come from, the struggles I have endured to reach the place I envisioned from beginning and how I’ve come out on the other side. Embrace the storms and the un forcasted weather because it is in these times that you grow the most. Not allowing yourself to grow will hold you back from more. You got this…I believe in you! I want to hear from you in the comments below how you can embrace the storms in your life. What are you willing to let go of (hint- maybe fear?) and what are you willing to take on (hint – maybe a dash of courage?).