How would you like to create the right entrepreneurial mindset for success?


Did you know there are keys to achieving the success mindset that propels 3% of the population ahead of the rest?

I’ve Been There

For a long time I was spinning my wheels and doing all the wrong things, wondering why nothing was changing.  As I began to step outside of my comfort zone (which is where the magic happens), becoming consistent in everything I did, and really setting an intentional mindset that whatever I needed to do to move forward was going to show up and I would always know exactly what I needed to do right then in that time.


As I was consistent in this, I began to see opportunities coming to me.  I was showing the Lord that I was serious and ready for more.  I was becoming a great steward of what He gave me and that I could be trusted with more.  This is when I began to ask for interviews to share my message with other women and help them move forward.  This is when I started getting asked for interviews quite regularly.

Create YOUR Entrepreneurial Mindset

Last week I did an interview about the keys to create the right entrepreneurial mindset for success.  This is something that I know firsthand so many women are searching for.  If you’ve been following me for any length of time you know that I believe faith and mindset are essential to success in anything.


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In this interview with Christina Weber of Christian Women on Fire we talked about these key areas:


  1. Why do people create unconscious sabotage blocks and behaviours that keep them stuck?
  2. What are the roots of fear and doubt, and what can we do to overcome?
  3. How we can use meditation and visualization to overcome.
  4. The power of your words and how they take you out of the game

And much more….

entrepreneurial mindset success podcast interview kristen owens

In this short but valuable interview you will leave feeling inspired and connected to what’s essential for you to create the life that God desires you to have.  It’s not rocket science, but it does require daily purpose and intention. Click here to listen!


Where do you find yourself sabotaging your success? What can you do right now to shift yourself in the opposite direction?  Share in comments below.

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