RED_8473Did you know that your habits are a result of your faulty paradigms? That it actually isn’t your fault that you can’t stop doing the same thing over and over. Is that a relief? Now don’t get me wrong we absolutely must take responsibility and WE must change or we will stay where we are and I know that’s not what you want.

Now, are you wondering what a paradigm is? Good question…

A paradigm is a set of habits, beliefs and values that locks you into a way of seeing and behaving. You get locked into a way of seeing things a certain way and also behaving in a certain way. Do you ever notice how you say you’ll never act like your mom or say what she says until many years later you find yourself doing or saying the same thing? That’s a paradigm.




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How do you like your results in your business, health, life, relationships?

If your paradigm is not in line with your goal then your paradigm wins and you stay stuck and unfulfilled. Not fun! Let’s say your goal is to write a book. Your paradigm says “Who’s ever going to read it”. You want to lose weight. Your paradigm says “You will always be overweight”. It’s that voice in your head that gets in the way…you know the one I’m talking about!

So it all comes down to shifting that paradigm. Is it worth it for you to achieve your dreams, stop settling, grow your bank account so you can be a blessing to others? Then it is so worth it to do what’s necessary to shift.

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To your success