I recall a conversation with a woman at my kids dance studio.  She began to tell me how she had so many ideas for her business but she never really achieved the goals she desired simply because she would convince herself why it wasn’t a good idea or she would revise her plan again and again to make it better.

Another client tells me she continues to feel like she needs more training, learn more skills, improve her website, when under all this ‘getting ready’ there was an unconscious belief running the show.  Ultimately these two women stayed stuck and never got results.

Do you find yourself in this cycle? You’re not alone!

The ‘Getting ready to get Ready Syndrome’ is common with most women in business.  The only reason why someone would have to get ready to get ready and never really move forward is because unconsciously they are validating their belief that it’s not good enough.

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The ‘Getting Ready to Get Ready’ Syndrome validates the belief that you’re not good Enough.


This was common for me.  I would begin to talk about all the things I was going to do but never got started because of my excuses; lack of time, lack of resources, the lack of whatever else my mind made up that day….excuses so I never progressed.  Of course I didn’t think of them as excuses at that time…but they came because of my unconscious belief that ran the show.

The fact was I had a lack of trust in myself and in God and I was validating the belief I had, that I was not good enough therefor what I put out there would not be good enough.  This cycle continues in all areas of life!

You want to know what I did to shift that?

Firstly I prayed and asked God to show me what I needed to do to end this cycle. I remembered that there is no such thing as a “perfect” human and there never will be.  That trying to be perfect will make me feel more inadequate and continue to reinforce the belief that I’m not good enough (which BTW is a lie).  So I could either believe that or not…it was my choice.

When I realized that I was no further ahead the next week than the last week, I decided that if I was going to be the leader, an example to my kids and an inspiration to women I work with then I best be letting that disempowering belief go.

Do want to be perfect or inspiring?  Do you believe you have a God given talent or gift to offer the world?  If so, how is getting ready to get read serving you now?  What bigger vision to impact the world (your purpose) do you hold?

From considering these questions you will shift yourself into a more powerful space to Just Do It even if you don’t feel ready…because you never will…I promise you that.

You will never have the right amount of money you need to invest in your business, you will never have the exact time you need, it will never be the right time to invest in you, to hire a VA.  You won’t start out as the best speaker, writer, or coach but whoever said that becoming a master didn’t take less than 10,000 hours?

So I give you permission today to just get started or just keep going perfect or not.

I understand how difficult this can be. I have gone through this and it’s much easier now to recognize when I’m doing it and shift out of it.  There is hope and sometimes it requires to have someone by your side cheering you on as you strengthen this new muscle.

If you are serious about conquering this area and you are ready to move forward and make a huge impact to the world and make money doing what you love, then hit reply and say “I’m Ready” and we can schedule a call to find out where you’re at specifically, leave you with a tip, tool or strategy and see if I am the person to help you… or who could be a best fit for you.

Avoid waiting another day…you deserve MORE!