Hello Beautiful!!

Welcome to the month of love……

This month in The Beautiful Living Collective I wanted to dedicate everything we do to making more time for you. It’s THAT important!

Do you ever find yourself with no time left in the day to get to those things you wanted to do for yourself?

Maybe you’re like I used to be, and you have great intentions to have a bath with candles and the most beautiful essential oils, or get to your workout but…. the kids have to be picked up or someone needs your time.

Honey, I get it because I’ve been there.  What I know for certain, is that if you put off making time for you, your mind body health will suffer.  Not to mention, your hormones and energy will start to scream at you for help. It’s just the way it works.

Think about what you’ve really wanted to do but haven’t found the time.

Hide in Starbucks with a latte and scroll social media…

Take a couple hours to enjoy the spa, the gym, a yoga class, something that fills your cup…

What is it that you would love to do this month but haven’t yet?

I’m dedicating this month of LOVE to inspire you to fill your cup, make time for YOU and really take your love of self seriously.  

Why? Because you matter!!  

I used to think self-care was selfish.  For real, I did. I never grew up seeing women around me taking time out for themselves.  Back in the ’70s and ’80s (well ’90s too) there wasn’t this talk about “self-care”. How dare you take time for you when everyone else needs you.  This is what was “normal” for women to hear and believe.

Well, I’m changing that.  I want to inspire you to change the way you view self-care.  I want you to start believing that the time you take for yourself impacts every aspect of your mental, emotional and physical well-being.  Your life force vitality relies on you making time for you!!!

Starting self-care rituals will assist in hormone balance, more energy, mental stability, healthy weight management, emotional balance, less anxiety, less cravings, and so much more.   

Remember: Your vitality, peace and overall wellness rely on you making time for yourself!!

This month, I’ve created for you the Self-care Guide for the Busy Momma.”  This guide is for you to begin to incorporate new self care habits that can change your life.  You may start with one at a time and then add on as you make them a habit. I just want you to start and take action!

Click here to download guide!

I am also offering a free 7 Day “Make Time for Yourself” Challenge.  This challenge is happening live over on FB in my private group click here to join FB group if you want to join us.  

To really create more calm, peace, joy, vitality that my Beautiful Living Collective teaches, requires you to begin to look at what needs to be incorporated into your day to make it more beautiful.

Let’s start with your self-care….shall we?