It’s amazing to me how it’s closer to February that we were to December.

And because time flies by so quickly, I wanted to check in with you to see how the New Year is starting out for you.

This year I’m committed to bringing you more blogs around how you can really live into that abundant, vibrant, glowing life.  

The New Year always brings us all a fresh start.  This is the time we begin to revisit past desires and begin to work towards new ones.  Every year statistics state the top two goals are around health. Are we surprised?

Most people desire to live their best life.  To live our best life requires us to examine our wellness on a daily basis.

Over the many years, I’ve worked in the wellness industry, I’ve come to realize that the most important area when it comes to success in anything and to really live into your most glowing self is….can you guess what it is?

Making your Self Care a priority!

Your self-care is the top priority when it comes to stress management, creating glowing health, managing mental and emotional health, being the best mom, daughter, sister, and friend that you can be and really living a life that you can truly say ‘I am fulfilled’.

Are you like how I was a few years ago where I would be doing all the things for all the people and had nothing left over to really be my best self, taking care of myself in a way that creates change around me and serves in a way that really made a difference?

The Power of Self CareWhat I realized was that we are here to serve.  I recognized that I am here to serve the women who are seeking a more natural, less toxic, lighter, free-er way of living.  Women who want to grow into a level of health that allows them to inspire their children to become their best self and in doing so create financial freedom and time freedom so they have choices and not bound to someone else ‘s dream and schedule.

What is it that you desire in your life?  How do you want to show up for your children, friends, and family?  Are you living just comfortable or do you desire more but are not quite sure how to make it happen?  Are you feeling as if there is more to life than what you’re living right now?

If you’re ready to level up your health this year in all areas of my holistic model then it’s important to take your self-care seriously.

The first self care practice that I believe is key to starting your day powerfully.  I practice this daily and it has helped me build more confidence in myself, manage stress and create a high vibe state that keeps me feeling great.

Are you ready?

Self Care Practice #1

AM/PM Routine – Daily structure is important for the brain, it helps in creating neural networks that create the habits that you do on a daily basis.

When you have predictable structures in place it can actually help reduce the chaos and frenzy that we can experience, creating additional unneeded anxiety and stress.

This is the evening routine that I do daily and has become a habit that I don’t even have to think about.  Please start with what you know you’ll be able to sustain and then add to it. Before you know it, its automatic.

AM Routine
  • Tongue scrape immediately + drink 700 ml 9.5 kangen water + 1-2 drops doTerra lemon essential oil + Consume 1 Mito2Max and 1 Terrazyme
  • Prepare kids lunches listening to Hillsong
  • Movement: While Rebounding for 10 min – Oil Pull with 1 tsp coconut oil + 1 drop On Guard oil
  • Same face routine as PM (below)
  • Roll clary calm hormone balance around the navel
  • AM Fuel: Consume a blend of Greens Fruit mix to water followed by  Supercharged Cacao for clean energy to the brain
  • Consume 4 liters 9.5 Kangen water daily with DoTerra citrus oil for strong immunity and clarity
  • Head to Hot Yoga OR begin Focussed action to Holistically Healthy Community.
PM Routine
  • Prepping dinner once kids are home
  • Diffusing:  On Guard + Cinnamon + Arborvitae
  • Listening: Podcast or Hillsong
  • Before bedtime:
  • Wash face: Spray face with 11.5 Kangen water, wipe
    • Spray with 2.5 kangen water to pull debris + wash with an essential oil cleanser, wash away
    • Spray 6.0 beauty kangen water to balance Ph
    • Apply YArrow Pom all over face + follow with essential oil based moisturizer
    • Roll rose under eyes and over the heart
  • Prep an empty veg cap with 2 drops each: Yarrow pom, pink pepper, copaiba, turmeric, consume with water
  • Consume 1 PB Assist Probiotic cap
  • Diffuser: in Bedroom diffuse Serenity, ylang ylang, clary sage, vetiver
    • Balance on feet and inhale 4 long breaths to balance at a cellular level
  • Devotion: Read scripture + evening devo

I do this EVERY single night and it comes by habit now. Trust me when I say it makes a difference in how my cells repair during the night and also how easily I wake in the morning.

If you would like to be part of my community over on FB click here.  This group of women all have a desire to up level their well-being instead of just surviving.  We discuss topics that will truly challenge us to thrive. I check in with LIVE videos and challenges and support to help you live your best life, spirit, soul, body, socially and financially.  CLick here to join.

See you next month for another self-care practice that will shift the way you do life and health dissolving chaos, stress and simply surviving to truly thriving in your life.

Kristen XO