I remember when life just seemed hard!  Making money was hard! Making more money than just paying my bills was hard.  Everything was just hard!  No matter what I needed or how hard I worked it was still hard and still never enough!


That was my story 10 years ago.  It didn’t matter that I was a Christian.  It didn’t matter that my church preached the abundant message, it still seemed like the cards I was dealt was not the life I wanted to live.

Have you ever felt that way?   That was the story of my life back then. That is exactly what it was, a story.  The thing about our story, is we believe exactly what we tell ourself.  My story was that “it was hard”.  Until I changed that story, it was always going to be hard.  


Now, I live in Ease & Flow.

I’m not saying everyday is roses and lollipops.  Living with a lifestyle of ease and flow is a daily practise.  Life was hard before, because that was my mind-set. I chose to see life that way even though that was my experience. I chose to believe that I had to work hard to succeed.  Life is glorious now, thats my mind-set.  As you continue to choose to see it as that, new neural networks form in your brain and you begin to make a habit of seeing things new and easy with less tension.

You get more done with ease than with tension

If you have a desire to grow, expand and heal, ease must be the foundation.  With an approach of ease, it can take you far beyond your desires and goals.  Likewise, if you desire to live a joyful life, it all rests on ease.


Here are 3 things that will move you closer to a lifestyle of ease.

1. Slow Down.  Stop racing, stop striving, stop trying to make it happen before its season.  Stop trying to get there so fast, clenching and working really, really hard and finally stop pushing for it.  All of this creates tension and will take you further away from a life of authenticity, joy, peace and living your purpose.  This space of tension creates dis-ease mentally, physically and emotionally.

2. Breath. If you don’t slow down, you won’t notice your breath.  when we breathe deeply we can hear the cues our bodies and minds give us.  When we know whats going on within us we can then act positively and make informed decisions.  Breathing deeply is our lighthouse to awakening us to how we feel.

3. Feel.  Without feeling, you are simply just doing, like a robot.  Feeling is how we accomplish ease. When we feel, we move easily and make decisions that heal our lives.  Without feeling, we will not flourish!   Once you have breathed deeply, notice what you are feeling within your body and mind.

4. Bringing it all together with Essential Oils.  I use DoTerra essential oils to help me slow down, breath deeply and then notice how I feel.  Due to the high quality of these oils, they bring us back to our true self because of how they work on the limbic system in the brain (this is where the emotions are stored). They interact with the brain to balance our emotions and help us to slow down, breath and feel, more easily.  Not only are these oils working on our emotional health but also our mental and physical as well.  If you find that this is an area you could use some help with (physical, mental and emotional health) please check out this http://bit.ly/2Eykvjz


If you’re still reading this I know you desire a more purpose-filled life.  These tips can be done anytime throughout the day.  Change your mindset from hard to ease.  Ease of the storms.  Ease when times are tough.  When you notice tension make a decision to practice ease. Ease & flow are your birthrights, we just have to be conscious and practice it to make it natural and normal in our lives.


In Ease & Flow,