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Recently I was interviewed by a woman who started ‘Moms with Dreams’. Erica Gordon is a mom herself and has a dream to impact woman to bring their dreams into reality. Of course, when we met online we instantly connected because I have a similar vision. I not only want to impact moms but women globally.

I know you have a dream because if you didn’t you wouldn’t be reading this right now. As children, dreaming was easy and we certainly believed that our dreams could become our reality.

What were your dreams as a child? Were you told “keep on dreaming” or “dreams are meant to just be dreams” or “only in your dreams”? Have you put your dreams on hold? Do you believe your dreams can manifest into the life you always desired?

Well guess what? It’s time to start dreaming, keep dreaming and never give up on them because they can be your reality. I know, mine are becoming my reality. The difference? I didn’t listen to the nay Sayers and I didn’t give up even when I would question if it was really going to happen.

Take a farmers garden for example. When the farmer plants the seeds, they are under soil and it looks like nothing is there. After much watering and sunshine, weeks later you see small growth but certainly nothing to jump in your skin about. What happens with patience? All of a sudden plants start shooting up. What was nothing became something.

In the picture below you see my first garden that I planted this year. Now, it’s been trimmed A LOT because it has grown abundantly. How you ask? We planted the seeds and waited as we watered. My kids even said ‘when are the plants going to start to grow, I see nothing’ What a perfect teaching opportunity we used it as. Here is a tip I am giving you to help your garden within grow. Begin to speak exactly what it is you want to grow. I spoke over that garden that it was growing and flourishing and we’d have plenty of food. It may sound funny BUT people ask me still how my garden is the way it is in only its first year.

Speak what you want not what you see!


I’m sharing my interview with you here in hopes that it will inspire you to dream, reach your dreams and encourage others to do the same. Remember that when you step out you give silent permission to allow others to do the same.

Listen to interview here

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