I believe God created YOU & ME to Live a FULL Abundant Life Now!

 I also KNOW that you and I get in our own way sometimes.

 Our spirits know what’s going to bring ultimate fulfillment in our lives but our mind stops us with fear, doubt, worry and unworthiness to move forward with Courage & Confidence.


Do You Hear Me?

I’ve always wanted more out of life just like I know you have. I never was one to be satisfied with my job that only allowed me to make a certain amount of income and zero extra time to really enjoy myself.  I knew that there was more for me but I just didn’t know how to crack it open.  I didn’t have the right opportunity.

From the time I graduated college to when I had children I managed corporate fitness facilities.   I remember starting my first business training Pilates clients throughout the GTA after I had worked an 8 hour day.  I was young and without children so I had the time but I always desired more, I knew there was more, more than what the corporate environment could offer me.

I wanted a life where I wasn’t limited by what I made at my job, where I could make an income according to how much I grow myself and helped others reach their goals.

 I wanted to be paid what I was worth, I didn’t want to be limited by the pay-scale and I definitely wanted time freedom.

The entrepreneurial itch was in my blood, not something that I inherited from my military family, yet it was there.  I knew that once I had kids the day job of not being paid what I’m worth was history and entering into my business being my full time venture.



I ran a Pilates studio and ran a nutrition consultation practise in my early days with one child.  It was quickly became real that owning my own business became my business owning me.  Where I didn’t think there was any other way to running a business than my business really becoming my job.  That’s what it was.  I quickly discovered that if I didn’t work, I didn’t get paid.  What a concept, right?  It was just like a job except I didn’t have a boss and I could do whatever I wanted.  My heart and mind quickly became  open to opportunities that could create income where I could make more so that I could have more time to spend doing what I loved.
~I wanted to enjoy the journey to my goals
~I wanted to ‘stop and smell the roses’ instead of plowing through
~I desired to have a business that was deeply aligned with my values
~I was tired of just paying for bills and never really having extra to have fun.
~I wanted to buy my organic foods consistently without spending every last dollar
~A business that earned more than enough with extra to give away
~I wanted to end the cycle of just getting by & never really having enough.

That’s when doTerra presented itself.

I loved the idea of partnering with a company that my values were aligned with.  Where I could live my natural lifestyle while teaching others to do the same and earning an income that will impact others in the world; the indigenous communities, the women seeking more in their life, the families desiring a better way to health care and the missions that need dollars to fund their projects to create a better life for the less fortunate.

Today, with the Lord’s guidance I have overcome the trading dollars for hours or the “business owning me” syndrome, I have partnered with women who are stepping forward in their FAITH and courage to become the best version of themselves to ultimately impact others.  All of this has happened by simply choosing DoTerra and allowing my spirit to lead the way.    I no longer have to chase clients, market in icky weird ways but instead lead from my heart and offer service to those seeking.

I want you to know the same is available to you. What a breath of fresh air….heart centered, purpose, service driven women coming together as one,  making big changes in a world who needs it more.

If You Are a Woman :

~The 9-5 isn’t your jam and you’re ready to live your full potential doing your own thing

~Wants to have a great income and also enjoy your time with loved ones

~Isn’t afraid of growing into your best version

~Ready to step outside of your comfort zone  and let courage lead

~Desires to take your health to a whole new level

~Has a passion for helping others

~Desires a more abundant fulfilling life and willing to let excuses be history

~Is coachable and willing to follow a proven system

~ Is willing to be compassionate with herself and let her heart lead the way

If you feel you fit the above description,

I invite you to fill in the form below and we’ll set a time to chat!