Mercury Filling Removal

Mercury Filling Removal

As someone who lives a life of daily detox I knew the benefits of dental health and how it relates to the health of the rest of the body.  This was an area I wanted to improve just like I do with the rest of my body.

Growing up I was pretty healthy according to medical standards.  I wasn’t frequently sick, I ate generally healthy apart from some fruit loops (hello sugar and no nutrition!!!) and a few cakes, my friends and I would make here and there and eat them on a Friday night (the sugar addiction is another story for another blog and yes we ate the whole cake).

I did have a lot of dental work compared to the norm back in the 80’s.  A few amalgam (mercury) fillings and a whole lot of pulling teeth, head gear in preparation for braces and then a year of braces (surprisingly only a year).  Needless to say, the dentist was not my favorite place to visit. 

Today I want to share my experience of having my amalgams removed recently and steps you can take to improve your oral health.  After all, your oral health is directly related to every organ and body system. I love this chart Meridian Tooth Chart to understand more about your teeth and how they’re connected to your organs.

Dental amalgam contains approximately 50% mercury and is mixed with silver, copper, tin, and other metals to form a plastic moldable mixture which is then condensed into the cavity where it hardens. There has long been a concern that the mercury contained within a filling could be released and affect every known organ and body system.

Metals don’t belong in our mouth.  Our mouths membranes are thin and allow quick absorption into the bloodstream.   The metals in our mouth from fillings leach when in contact with hot and cold and when grinding teeth at night releasing toxins.  Toxins affect our cellular health. Period!! All disease and health is cellular. It’s imperative that we take care of our cells so they can take care of us.  They don’t ask for much really. They want oxygen, rich nutrient dense food, daily, deep breathing, movement, drinking clean water, proper sleep, etc.

I always wanted to remove my amalgams at some point.  It’s costly and very necessary to use a biological dentist who removes the fillings safely.  What was the catalyst to removing mine was a small cavity that was under one amalgam.

The conventional dentist I had seen told me she’d remove them just like any other cavity.  I knew in my gut that I would need to go elsewhere removed to have them removed.

That led me to my current dentist in Guelph at Speedvale Dental Dr. Jim Fox (in case you want to check his office out).  He has patients fly from the states and drive hours to see him…. because he’s that good!!! When I had my first appointment I knew I was in the right place.  From the questions he asked me to the calm peaceful nature he brings so his patients feel at home.

When I went in to have the procedure done he used clove essential oil to numb my gums before placing the needle.  Now, keep in mind I’m an educator and believer of essential oils (the quality ones anyways) and when you’re going to have a needle in your mouth you’re truly tested on your belief.  I will report that clove oil absolutely numbs (AKA no needle felt).

The procedure was safe, fast and effortless.  You might ask what I’ve noticed after the removal…. The only thing I can tell you is that my jaw (the 3 amalgams were on my bottom jaw, both sides) felt lighter and less tense.  I’m not sure if my teeth grinding actually is a result of these mercury fillings but only time will tell.

Whether I feel a difference or not is irrelevant to me.  The fact that I removed these metals from my mouth is what matters to me most.  What I want to share with you is how you can support your oral health on a daily so that you can minimize decay and strengthen your teeth.  Afterall, your teeth are bones and they need good quality nutrients just like the rest of your body.

Here’s is my dental routine:

  1. Good quality nutrition.  Your cells will not, I repeat, will not be at their greatest health if you do not feed your cells high quality nutrients.  Organic is always best due to the soil being denser in minerals. Nowadays our conventional soil is depleted. This means the food grown in that depleted soil is not getting the nutrients you need to thrive.  If you cannot afford all organic then follow the dirty dozen

That way the foods highest in chemicals will be reduced, you’ll be reducing your toxic load since toxins store in your fat cells.

I also suggest consuming a whole food bioavailable supplement to supply what your food is not.  I use LLV (LifeLong Vitality) it contains fats, antioxidants and minerals to provide what my body isn’t getting from food.

  1. Tongue scraping – This habit comes from ayurvedic medicine and the idea is that it pulls the build up of toxins from your tongue that have built up through the night as your body is naturally cleansing.  Before I drink any alkaline ionized water I always scrape first with a Dr. Tungs tongue scraper
  2. I floss every day morning and night.  I put either On Guard or tea tree essential oil on my floss.  There is a lot of research that shows myrrh being excellent for oral health.  I use myrrh on my toothpaste as well. 
  3. Oil Pulling with Organic Castor oil or Coconut.  Each morning 5 days a week I use a tsp of castor oil with a drop of On Guard or Peppermint and I swish while I jump on my rebounder for 10 min (this is another post but rebounding is great for cellular).  Oil pulling has been shown to whiten teeth, increase energy as it detoxifies cells, aids hormonal changes, kills bacteria in the mouth, prevent bad breath, may prevent cavities and more.
  4. The kind of toothpaste you use is key to a healthy mouth.  Your regular conventional paste that we all know actually affects your micro biome negatively.  Your microbiome is the bacteria that live within your body. We have good bacteria and bad. It’s imperative that we are not doing harm to the good bacteria that we need for a healthy immune system. The type of toothpaste you use can either inhibit these microorganisms or support them.  I use On Guard toothpaste that contains essential oils that kill bacteria within the mouth that contribute to tooth decay along with other ingredients to remineralize the teeth and make them stronger.
  5. Cleansing seasonally/Gut Health.  I believe and I teach my community the benefits of detoxification.   The health of our gut impacts the health of our body. All disease and all heath begin in your gut.  Whether you’re feeling tired, moody, poor sleep, bloating, bowels off, food sensitivities, hormones out of wack, sugar cravings, and I could go on.  Cleansing and repairing your gut is of key importance when it comes to healthy teeth and mouth. Stay tuned for some exciting details coming around this topic.

I hope that this blog was helpful in your education to improve your oral health.  As always if you are seeking to improve your energy, digestion, sleep, moods, the immunity of your family, your chances of preventing disease and/or overcoming it then I’m your gal because that’s what I do with a whole lot of passion.

To a healthier mouth!

Why Cleansing will Create Glowing Health

Why Cleansing will Create Glowing Health

‘Cleansing’ and ‘detox’ seem to be popular words these days.

Wherever you read nowadays you see something about cleansing, especially come spring.  Maybe you have experienced a cleanse, you regularly cleanse or you’ve considered doing one yourself. I wanted to take the time to educate you on why you’d want to cleanse and how it will contribute to vibrant glowing health.

Do you ever experience bloating, bowel issues, digestive difficulties, moodiness, skin problems, fatigue or even headaches and poor concentration?

These are some of the symptoms that come along with toxicity.  The good news is there is a lot that can be done to remedy these symptoms so you can begin to live a beautiful life with endless energy, restful sleep, and balanced hormones.

Cleansing for Glowing Health

Here’s the thing.  The amount of toxins we take in on a daily basis is far more than our grandparents did in an entire lifetime.  Even though we were created with detoxification organs, if they are clogged they will not function at their best leaving us overloaded.

Take for example our vehicles.  We all take our vehicles in for regular oil changes.  The car runs much more smoothly after an oil change, right?

So why then do we cleanse our cars but we don’t regularly cleanse our organs?  It’s important for the functioning and strength of our organs to make this a part of our lifestyle.

There are different cleanses on the market.  From juice cleanses, eating clean, single organ cleanses to full body cellular cleanses. I personally have done most of these cleanses and my fav is the whole body cellular cleanse.

A whole body cellular cleanse does not just focus on one organ but the entire body.  With the herbs and essential oils used, the organs are supported as the body cleanses.  Its safe and effective and will leave you feeling glowingly awesome!!!

If you’re new to cleansing you can always start by eating more fresh and clean foods.  When we eat packaged and refined foods they typically are not from nature and therefore the body doesn’t know what to do with them.  The body becomes overloaded with ingredients that “clog” the body therefore not allowing it to work optimally.

Cleansing through Nature

Whether you’re on a cleanse or you’d like to clean our your diet these are the foods to minimize or avoid altogether:

  • White foods (rice, bread, pasta, crackers)
  • Foods in a package (this is anything)
  • Sugar-laden foods (sugars are found in almost everything packaged so start reading labels) this is why fresh is best

What about foods to incorporate into your day

  • Fresh Produce
  • More green foods (spinach, kale, collards, romaine)
  • Clean water
  • Herbal tea
  • Fresh herbs
  • Legumes (add a meatless Monday into your week)
  • Clean meat – free of steroids, hormones, antibiotics

These foods are cleansing in nature and very clean which allows cells to use as energy while cleansing at the same time.  Although this I believe should be a daily focus, I do believe that we all need to deep cleanse 2-4 times yearly. To assist in the cleansing process adding in holistic lifestyle habits is key.

  • Dry Skin Brushing
  • Rebounding
  • Drinking Kangen Hydrogen-rich water
  • Adding DoTerra lemon oil to enhance the cleansing process
  • Daily movement to increase energy in the body to move toxins
  • Hot bath with DoTerra juniper berry and lavender
  • Adding in DoTerra Zendocrine blend- a blend of oils to aid in detoxification of organs cells
  • As we approach spring, I invite you to look at how you can incorporate some of these ideas into your regimen or consider a deep cleanse.  

I believe that creating a lifestyle is key!  To create a glowing healthy life you need to start with one or two things and make it a habit.  If you’re new to essential oils and you’d like to learn more about how they can improve your daily detoxification pathways – send me a quick email and join the community of other like-minded women just like you.

Here’s to glowing health,


The Power of Self Care: Part 2

The Power of Self Care: Part 2

Hello Beautiful!!

Welcome to the month of love……

This month in The Beautiful Living Collective I wanted to dedicate everything we do to making more time for you. It’s THAT important!

Do you ever find yourself with no time left in the day to get to those things you wanted to do for yourself?

Maybe you’re like I used to be, and you have great intentions to have a bath with candles and the most beautiful essential oils, or get to your workout but…. the kids have to be picked up or someone needs your time.

Honey, I get it because I’ve been there.  What I know for certain, is that if you put off making time for you, your mind body health will suffer.  Not to mention, your hormones and energy will start to scream at you for help. It’s just the way it works.

Think about what you’ve really wanted to do but haven’t found the time.

Hide in Starbucks with a latte and scroll social media…

Take a couple hours to enjoy the spa, the gym, a yoga class, something that fills your cup…

What is it that you would love to do this month but haven’t yet?

I’m dedicating this month of LOVE to inspire you to fill your cup, make time for YOU and really take your love of self seriously.  

Why? Because you matter!!  

I used to think self-care was selfish.  For real, I did. I never grew up seeing women around me taking time out for themselves.  Back in the ’70s and ’80s (well ’90s too) there wasn’t this talk about “self-care”. How dare you take time for you when everyone else needs you.  This is what was “normal” for women to hear and believe.

Well, I’m changing that.  I want to inspire you to change the way you view self-care.  I want you to start believing that the time you take for yourself impacts every aspect of your mental, emotional and physical well-being.  Your life force vitality relies on you making time for you!!!

Starting self-care rituals will assist in hormone balance, more energy, mental stability, healthy weight management, emotional balance, less anxiety, less cravings, and so much more.   

Remember: Your vitality, peace and overall wellness rely on you making time for yourself!!

This month, I’ve created for you the Self-care Guide for the Busy Momma.”  This guide is for you to begin to incorporate new self care habits that can change your life.  You may start with one at a time and then add on as you make them a habit. I just want you to start and take action!

Click here to download guide!

I am also offering a free 7 Day “Make Time for Yourself” Challenge.  This challenge is happening live over on FB in my private group click here to join FB group if you want to join us.  

To really create more calm, peace, joy, vitality that my Beautiful Living Collective teaches, requires you to begin to look at what needs to be incorporated into your day to make it more beautiful.

Let’s start with your self-care….shall we?


The Power of Self Care: Part 1

The Power of Self Care: Part 1

It’s amazing to me how it’s closer to February that we were to December.

And because time flies by so quickly, I wanted to check in with you to see how the New Year is starting out for you.

This year I’m committed to bringing you more blogs around how you can really live into that abundant, vibrant, glowing life.  

The New Year always brings us all a fresh start.  This is the time we begin to revisit past desires and begin to work towards new ones.  Every year statistics state the top two goals are around health. Are we surprised?

Most people desire to live their best life.  To live our best life requires us to examine our wellness on a daily basis.

Over the many years, I’ve worked in the wellness industry, I’ve come to realize that the most important area when it comes to success in anything and to really live into your most glowing self is….can you guess what it is?

Making your Self Care a priority!

Your self-care is the top priority when it comes to stress management, creating glowing health, managing mental and emotional health, being the best mom, daughter, sister, and friend that you can be and really living a life that you can truly say ‘I am fulfilled’.

Are you like how I was a few years ago where I would be doing all the things for all the people and had nothing left over to really be my best self, taking care of myself in a way that creates change around me and serves in a way that really made a difference?

The Power of Self CareWhat I realized was that we are here to serve.  I recognized that I am here to serve the women who are seeking a more natural, less toxic, lighter, free-er way of living.  Women who want to grow into a level of health that allows them to inspire their children to become their best self and in doing so create financial freedom and time freedom so they have choices and not bound to someone else ‘s dream and schedule.

What is it that you desire in your life?  How do you want to show up for your children, friends, and family?  Are you living just comfortable or do you desire more but are not quite sure how to make it happen?  Are you feeling as if there is more to life than what you’re living right now?

If you’re ready to level up your health this year in all areas of my holistic model then it’s important to take your self-care seriously.

The first self care practice that I believe is key to starting your day powerfully.  I practice this daily and it has helped me build more confidence in myself, manage stress and create a high vibe state that keeps me feeling great.

Are you ready?

Self Care Practice #1

AM/PM Routine – Daily structure is important for the brain, it helps in creating neural networks that create the habits that you do on a daily basis.

When you have predictable structures in place it can actually help reduce the chaos and frenzy that we can experience, creating additional unneeded anxiety and stress.

This is the evening routine that I do daily and has become a habit that I don’t even have to think about.  Please start with what you know you’ll be able to sustain and then add to it. Before you know it, its automatic.

AM Routine
  • Tongue scrape immediately + drink 700 ml 9.5 kangen water + 1-2 drops doTerra lemon essential oil + Consume 1 Mito2Max and 1 Terrazyme
  • Prepare kids lunches listening to Hillsong
  • Movement: While Rebounding for 10 min – Oil Pull with 1 tsp coconut oil + 1 drop On Guard oil
  • Same face routine as PM (below)
  • Roll clary calm hormone balance around the navel
  • AM Fuel: Consume a blend of Greens Fruit mix to water followed by  Supercharged Cacao for clean energy to the brain
  • Consume 4 liters 9.5 Kangen water daily with DoTerra citrus oil for strong immunity and clarity
  • Head to Hot Yoga OR begin Focussed action to Holistically Healthy Community.
PM Routine
  • Prepping dinner once kids are home
  • Diffusing:  On Guard + Cinnamon + Arborvitae
  • Listening: Podcast or Hillsong
  • Before bedtime:
  • Wash face: Spray face with 11.5 Kangen water, wipe
    • Spray with 2.5 kangen water to pull debris + wash with an essential oil cleanser, wash away
    • Spray 6.0 beauty kangen water to balance Ph
    • Apply YArrow Pom all over face + follow with essential oil based moisturizer
    • Roll rose under eyes and over the heart
  • Prep an empty veg cap with 2 drops each: Yarrow pom, pink pepper, copaiba, turmeric, consume with water
  • Consume 1 PB Assist Probiotic cap
  • Diffuser: in Bedroom diffuse Serenity, ylang ylang, clary sage, vetiver
    • Balance on feet and inhale 4 long breaths to balance at a cellular level
  • Devotion: Read scripture + evening devo

I do this EVERY single night and it comes by habit now. Trust me when I say it makes a difference in how my cells repair during the night and also how easily I wake in the morning.

If you would like to be part of my community over on FB click here.  This group of women all have a desire to up level their well-being instead of just surviving.  We discuss topics that will truly challenge us to thrive. I check in with LIVE videos and challenges and support to help you live your best life, spirit, soul, body, socially and financially.  CLick here to join.

See you next month for another self-care practice that will shift the way you do life and health dissolving chaos, stress and simply surviving to truly thriving in your life.

Kristen XO