My name is Kristen and I am the Founder of the WHOLE Freedom Community and The Freedom Revolution (see essential oils page).  I know what its like to live with a general feeling of “un-wellness” and how that showed up for me was fear, doubt, worry, frustration and anxiety accompanied with bloating, skin breakouts, difficulty digesting and lots of moodiness.  Yikes, was that a handful!!

After not getting any guidance from the medical community I made the decision that I would have to take my health into my own hands.  I knew that feeling this way was not “normal” and if I took charge of my own health, things could change!  It was at this time that I consulted with a holistic nutritionist (this was back in the day where it was weird to see someone that had the name “holistic”) that told me my issues were stemming from my gut.  This was the first time hearing about gut health but I took her advice anyway and I began to see my symptoms improving.  I began to wonder how many other people experience the same thing, yet worse.  This led me to begin my research on natural solutions and holistic nutrition.

After having my second child I enrolled in a Holistic Nutrition school to learn as much as I could.  I raised all 3 of my children unconventionally (even though I was considered “weird”), I taught and empowered them from a young age how to listen to their bodies, what to feed their bodies for health and natural solutions that can be used every day to support their immune systems and thrive in life.

Natural Solutions have always been my first go-to, prevention has always been at the top of my priority list.  Its never too late to start!  Essential oils had become a key go-to in our home because of the fast and safe results we experienced from skin care, removing toxins from our environment, strengthening our immune system, improve energy and cellular function, sleep improvement, and stress management.


As I shared these oils with other moms and healthcare practitioners they quickly became game-changers in their lives.  The passion that I always had for supporting and inspiring women to grow their belief in themselves, live from a place of confidence and courage and to RISE up and grow into the women God has created her to be and create this life on her own terms was unshakeable within me.  I knew I had a gift that needed to be shared in all that it offered, health and wealth.  A gift that would allow me to share natural health to the masses and also to team up with the women that were longing to find passion and purpose while raising her children and creating a generous income at the same time.  We are women that are living BOTH!!


From this passion, EO FREEDOM REVOLUTION was born, a community of women; mothers, grandmothers, nutritionists, natural health care practitioners, life coaches, nurses, business women, stay-at-home moms all working towards the same thing.


Today, I educate on natural solutions while supporting a team of women who empower other families to live their best life.  All while creating time and financial freedom to give back it to the world while loving a life of freedom.

As I live this daily, my relationship with the Lord remains my priority.  As I’ve learned in my entrepreneur journey that surrenders to Him is the only way to finding fulfillment and success.  As I worked on my own faith, mindset, emotions, nutrition, movement, personal connections, and financial mindset my results changed.  Yours can too!!

Things don’t just change, you have to work on changing areas that are sabotaging your success.  We are a community that is doing this step-by-step, trusting in the process, accepting our faults and allowing God to guide our steps.

It is not the destination but the journey!

 Kristen xx