HabitschallengeFBimage90 % of your behavior is habitual. Did you realize it’s that much? Think about when you wake in the morning and what you automatically do? You do these things without thinking about it…you’re on autopilot.

Over the years you have developed a set a firmly engrained habits that determine how well every area of your life will work. We call these paradigms. These paradigms were created when you were small and the problem is that they stay with you until you break them. How are they working for you today? How well is your life working? Do you have one area that is pretty good and another area that is lacking?

It’s proven that repetition is one of the keys to shifting past old habits. You’ve heard that it takes 21 days to form a new habit. Well research shows that if you can stick with the same thing for 40 days (90 even better) then you have a better chance of not falling back into old ways.


Are you ready to take 40 days to do something different from what you’ve always done? If what you want is a big enough desire, you will do it.

Now the awesome thing about our habits is they free us up to essentially multi-task. When you are showering you can make your to-do lists at the same time, right? You simply do it automatically, you don’t have to think about it, just like taking a shower.

Now, I’m not suggesting you do this regularly as it takes you away from being present with whatever it is you’re doing. You get the idea that your habits are automatic, they just happen. This is why it takes effort to change the bad ones to good ones.

The not so good news is that you become so locked up in this unconscious self-defeating behavior (your habits) that your growth and success is limited because you are sabotaging yourself.

Now do you see how important creating new powerful habits can be?


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Habits will always deliver results, good or bad! Tweet This


Whatever habits you are running in your life they are producing your current results. Simple as that!

That’s why we always have to ask if we like the results we are getting in our life…RIGHT. NOW.

You have habits you want to shift, right?

I know you want more success in your life, a thriving business, a happy and healthy family and to be completely fulfilled. To have this, we must take a look at where we can improve our habits.

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In this challenge you will:

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  • Create systems to ensure you are successful carrying them out
  • Align your thoughts and words with what will move you forward


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